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Thank you for visiting Bluestone Landscapes Canberra. Our highly qualified and experienced team of landscapers specialise in a wide range of landscaping services including decking, turf installation, irrigation, paving and retaining wall construction.

Irrigation Services Canberra

Thank you for visiting Bluestone Landscapes Canberra. Our highly qualified and experienced team of landscapers specialises in a wide range of landscaping services, including turf installation, irrigation, paving, retaining wall construction, decking, and more.

Irrigation system installation is an important skill that requires an expert to analyse your needs and help you choose the right system for your project. Not all systems are the same and will not work the same. Hence, it’s important for an expert to assess the water pressure in your house and figure out the right system that is required, and expertly install it, to last.


Installing the correct irrigation system is the key to creating a low-maintenance landscape and allowing yourself the time to relax and take care of other important things in life, while your plants and vegetables grow.

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Irrigation System

It is basically an underground piping system through which water is fed into the designated spots or areas. The system automatically feeds water throughout the network of pipes to nourish the plants and lawn. An automated irrigation system is the perfect way to evenly and efficiently distribute water and nutrition to your plants and garden.

Why is Hand Watering No Longer an Efficient Option Anymore?

Hand watering can be sufficient but not efficient, because it’s impossible to distribute the water evenly to the required areas. Hand watering often uses more water than what is required which can cause increased watering bills, patchy grass, and sudden death of plants. On top of that, hand watering is time-consuming and you will most likely miss watering your plants or gardens on time, due to other commitments or simply forgetting the exact timing.

Advantages of an Irrigation System

An Irrigation system has a number of benefits that will make your life easy and help your garden, plants, trees thrive in every season and in all conditions.


Hassle-free: An automated irrigation system requires the least amount of time and effort. All it requires is the correct system and the right settings.


Set Schedule: the automated system operates based on the schedule set in the system. It can be set for as long as required and as often as required to do its job properly.


Efficiency: The automated irrigation system is a one-off purchase. It is a much cheaper option compared to how much material and time is required to do hand watering. It not only saves your water bill but also saves your time.


Reliability: with the automated system, your plants and vegetables won’t miss their turn to get water. The system will supply them with the right amount of water on time, every time.


Consistency: the other advantage of an automated system to get an even and consistent distribution of water. Having the right irrigation system in place means that your plants and vegetables will get an even distribution of water compared to hand watering.


 Does an Irrigation system work with any Garden type?

Most garden areas will be suitable to incorporate an irrigation system. Installing irrigation system involves minimal digging and we can make sure your grass and garden look the same after the system is installed. We always recommend installing an irrigation system into a newly built garden area prior to the lawn installation and planting flowers or plants. During site visits, we can easily assess your landscape to see if a reticulation system is right for you.


Frequency of Watering

The frequency of watering depends on a number of things. First you need to consider the size of the area and the requirements of your plants, flowers and lawn to be able to work out the frequency of watering. Then you can know your watering days and set the system to suit those days. Upon completion of installation, we will teach you how to manage your new irrigation system and change settings as required.


The Process of Acquiring a Quote and Getting the Work Done

The process is really simple. Contacting our team can start the ball rolling for getting a new irrigation system. You can contact us by phone or email and we can discuss the needs of your irrigation or other landscaping work. We can visit your property to assess the area and then suggest a suitable system to be installed. We can also provide you with a quote for the service and let you know how long the installation process will take. Once you have accepted the quote and paid your deposit, we can give you a start date for installation.  

Upon completion of the installation, we can set the specified water times and days and teach you how to use the system should you need to make changes. Our systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty so should you experience any issues or faults you will be covered.

What Irrigation System is Recommended?

Every job is different and requires its own unique system that will work sufficiently and properly. As experts in this field, we will assess what is the water pressure in your house, how much watering does your garden requires and then design an irrigation system to match those requirements. Hence, order an irrigation system that will do its job properly. We source all our products from reputable suppliers which have been tried and tested to ensure we are providing the absolute highest quality irrigation system available.

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