Landscaping and paving go hand in hand. Almost every time a paving project is undertaken, a landscaping work comes up to be done too. Usually, a client has an idea of what they'd like to create and we tell them our suggestion. Thus, together we can come up with a practical solution that is efficient and durable.

Landscapers are increasingly asked to blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, to create a seamless transition that is functional, practical, and sure to impress all that visit. From paths, driveways, retaining walls, entertaining areas, pool coping, to perfectly planned out and manicured gardens, landscaping Canberra involves a range of different tasks.

The Bluestone team is well equipped to do almost any landscaping job such as site prep, paving, artificial grass installation, retaining wall, concreting, and stormwater services.

Bluestone Paving & Landscapes
4 Birrell St. Page, Canberra ACT 2614
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