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Thank you for visiting Bluestone Landscapes Canberra. Our highly qualified and experienced team of landscapers specialise in a wide range of landscaping services including decking, turf installation, irrigation, paving and retaining wall construction.

TURF Installation Services Canberra

Bluestone Landscapes in Canberra has been serving Canberrans for nearly a decade. Our workmanship and reputation speak for itself. Our aim is to maintain the highest quality service and workmanship well into the future. Here at Bluestone Landscapes, we provide a range of landscaping services from landscape construction, retaining walls, turfing, irrigation, decking, and paving. To find out more about the excellent services we provide, please contact us today.

Real Turf Installation

Here at Bluestone Landscapes, we supply and install the highest quality lawn with a range of lawn varieties to suit your need. During the site visit we assess your soil condition and ask about your level of commitment to maintenance before suggesting a type of lawn. Our aim is to give your new lawn the best possible start by conditioning the soil and adding new top soil before installation. Proper soil assessment, conditioning and top soil addition are crucial steps before the new lawn installation and cannot be ignored.


Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Lawn Type


As experts in this field, we know the correct process of new lawn installation and the requirements for different types of lawn. Hence, we must consider a number of factors and also know about your level of commitment before recommending a type of lawn.

When it comes to new lawn installation a number of factors must be considered and addressed. The number one factor to be considered and addressed is the ground and soil where the grass will be installed. It’s vital to soften the ground properly, add plenty of gypsum, if it’s clay soil and add quality top soil before installing the real turf.

The second most important factor to consider before your lawn installation is to know the level of commitment and maintenance you can give to your new lawn. Once you know the answers to the above questions, then we can help you select the right type of lawn that will suit the condition of the soil and your lifestyle.

Lawn options: When it comes to lawn options, there are various types of lawn. There are lawns that stays green all year round but requires frequent watering and care.  Then there are lawns that goes dormant during the winter season but requires less maintenance and watering throughout the year. Ultimately, we can make recommendations but it’s your choice and your lifestyle that will determine the lawn option.

Advantages of Instant Lawn

Some of the advantages of instant lawn are listed below:


  • Instant Effect: Installation of fresh lawn leaves you with an instant effect, meaning a real and everlasting change from the moment installation is finished.

  • Visual – Fresh new lawn significantly improves the aesthetics of any area whether it be commercial or residential space.

  • Quality – Our turf is sourced directly from the main supplier who cuts their grass fresh every day. The number one seller of quality turf in the ACT.

  • Variety – We offer a wide range of lawn varieties to suit your home and soil type. We also offer lawn types that have lower maintenance and watering requirements.



How to get a free quote?

The quickest and easiest way to get on track is to arrange a site visit with one of our friendly team members and get a free quote. During the site visit, you can discuss your plan and desired outcome. One of our team member will discuss the different options, explain what is possible and then make recommendations.

So, call us today to book an appointment for a site visit or send us your details online through our webpage.

Artificial Turf Installation
call: 0410 743 033

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Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial turf is one of the more popular options nowadays. When it comes to achieving quick results or creating a usable space with minimal maintenance, artificial turf is the best option. In addition, artificial grass is user-friendly and can be part of any landscaping project.

Here at Bluestone Landscapes, we have suppliers who use the best materials and have a wide range of varieties to suit your needs and taste. Hence, the decision is yours what quality of artificial turf you would like to use around your house. But our advice is to always use the best quality as it will look and feel natural and is user-friendly.

Our team of landscapers have been installing artificial turf on regular basis and will make sure your turf is installed professionally and with care. Not only that, we will also provide you with aftercare, in case you have any issues after the completion of any landscaping work.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Installation

Aesthetics – Your lawn will look maintained, lush and perfect throughout the entire year. Perfect for the cold and warm Australian seasons.

Eco-friendly – No requirement to maintain or water the turf making it a great water-saving product.

Maintenance – Maintenance is completely removed when you lay artificial lawn. No requirement for mowing, fertilising, watering or pest control. Hence, ongoing cost is completely eliminated.
Allergy friendly – Perfect for use in an allergy-prone household. No allergies caused by grass cuttings or pollens.

Realistic – Our high-quality turf looks and feels just like the real thing.

Free of chemicals – As the turf doesn’t require the use of pesticides or fertilisers like real lawn you can be confident that you are reducing your exposure to chemicals making it friendly for your family and your pets.

UV stabilised – Our products are UV stabilised which aids in the prevention of fading and overheating.

Manufacturer’s warranty – Most of our products come with a full manufacturers’ warranty so if you have any issues with your product we can replace it through the warranty.

A. grass 3.jpg

How much does it cost for artificial lawn?

There are so many different types of artificial lawn that varies in quality and price. Generally, the better the quality the higher the price. However, it is not always the case. Sometimes, expensive doesn’t mean quality. That’s when you buy products online or you buy from unreputable businesses. To know the quality of the product, it’s best to get our help as we know the ins and outs of artificial grass and only deal with reputable suppliers who care about their business and their customers.

Artificial lawn is actually an investment when you factor in the ongoing maintenance costs that you will be saving in the long term.

How to get my project underway?

The best approach is to give our team members a call and arrange for a visit to assess the area and get to know about your project. After the site visit, we will then provide you with an accurate timeframe and fixed quote. Upon acceptance of the quote; we can then source the product and book in a time for installation.

Can the job be done in my absence?

It is not always required for you to be on-site during installation, as long as we can have access to the site and having already accepted the quote and contract agreement. We understand, not everyone has a lot of free time, and some customers have got busy lifestyle and are taking care of much more important tasks.

Our team is reliable and trustworthy and we make sure the quality of the work done in your absence is as good as if you were there on-site. We never take shortcuts and always take the necessary care and due diligence, regardless of the absence of our customers.

So, to find out more about our products, arrange an appointment, or just have a friendly chat with one of our experts. Get in touch with us today. You can contact us by phone or email, we will always be happy to assist.

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