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 With years of practical experience and civil engineering knowledge, Bluestone Paving has the required knowledge, skills, and breadth of experience to create magnificent hardscapes and undertake paving projects throughout the ACT region. Whether your project is a luxury residential project or commercial projects; the Bluestone team will walk with you every step of the way, from design to completion. 
Bluestone-Paving takes care of new, old, or installation. At Bluestone Paving, quality assurance is our main objective but affordability and professionalism existing projects that need planning, fixing, oris our daily practice for Paving Services. For us, all our clients deserve full dedication, care, and unparalleled service. 


Residential Paving
Working on some of Canberra's most beautiful homes, Bluestone Paving has been bringing that added depth and superior design aesthetic to residential projects. And, we can source various stones and pavers products from around the country. When it comes to planning and design of your project, we walk you through all the phases and help your imaginations guide the ultimate design. 
As a genuine and reliable service provider, Bluestone Paving prides itself on best in class service. Our employees are true craftsmen, taking any project from ordinary to incredible. The marks of their talent, skill, and dedication to customer satisfaction can be found all around Canberra.
Driveway Services

Are you on the lookout for the best way to start your residential driveway project? Bluestone Landscapes is providing the way to get started with residential driveways in Canberra. We strive to deliver you exceptional and professional services that compliment your home and style. We provide you the best possible solutions for your driveway installation needs. For the design and construction of new driveways, call us today and discuss your needs to get the best out of our services. Serving your landscaping needs is our prime goal and we take pride in offering you the best in the industry.
You commercial and domestic driveway needs are no big task for us. We tackle all your issues professionally and ensure you get what you are actually looking for. With years of experience, we are striving to offer you specialised solutions that accomplish your choices ad serve you the best. We work with a team that is dedicated to exceptional work and reliable solutions. Our driveway services in Canberra are available hassle-freely to serve you peace of mind. If you need to start installing the driveway landscape, we are always ready to help. Whether it is about design or quality, we always do our best to serve you the best. Now, ready to meet our professionals and start your driveway construction right away.
Maintenance & Repair Work
Beyond new projects, Bluestone Paving’s maintenance capabilities are extensive. Ready to go around the clock, we hold numerous Canberra paving contractors with our existing customers and enthused to work on your project too.
Old Pavers Issues
Pavers start to sink naturally after10-15 years and some times tree roots cause disturbance and pavers start to become uneven. The solution is to lift off existing pavers, compact the ground under, screed the area with new sand, and re-install the pavers. This method adds years of life to your existing pavers if done properly.
What's the best method of pavers installation?
A paving project is similar to building a house. Pavers need a solid base built with the right materials to last for 20-30 years. The base of pavers works in the same manner as the foundation of the house. The stronger the base, the better the quality of your paving project, and the longer it will last. 
depending on the type and condition of the ground and use of the paved area. An outdoor area bearing light traffic needs roadbase, It's crucial to use a minimum of 70 mm up to 250 mm 70 mm roadbase whereas, a driveway requires 200 mm of roadbase to resist the force exerted by vehicles. Anything else in between will require different amounts depending on the use and the nature of the area.
Secondly, the
roadbase must be thoroughly compacted using
plate-compactor or another form of machine compactor to strengthen the base. The build-up of the base has to happen in two or three phases if more than 70 mm is used. That is to compact the area after each round of build-up. This way the base will be systematically compacted and strengthened for the second step.


Below is a summary of the services we offer to our customers. If you would like to discuss about your project please get in contact with the team Bluestone Paving.

  • Can you provide personalized packages for landscape construction?
    Yes, we have a team that understands your needs and provide you customized deals for landscape construction and make the task easy. We are proactively working to provide you with exquisite outdoor spaces.
  • Can I choose a landscape contractor that fits my needs?
    Of course, you can connect with our team and meet the professional contractors that are capable of providing you with real-time landscaping experience.
  • How much will landscaping services cost?
    It is difficult to give you an exact price quote because everyone has different requirements. You can connect with our team and we will do our best to provide you with exceptional and cost-effective services.
  • Can I schedule the time and date to start the landscaping project?
    Yes! We always strive to provide you convenience and peace of mind through our services. We let you decide the time and date to start a landscaping project for your property.
  • Do I need timely maintenance once landscaping is done?
    To keep your landscape as appealing as brand new, you should consider regular maintenance for it.
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