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Thank you for visiting Bluestone Landscapes Canberra. Our highly qualified and experienced team of landscapers specialise in a wide range of landscaping services including decking, turf installation, irrigation, paving and retaining wall construction.

Retaining Wall Construction Services Canberra

If you're Bluestone Landscapes Canberra has been serving Canberrans for nearly a decade. Our workmanship and reputation speak for itself. We aim to maintain the highest quality service and workmanship well into the future. Here at Bluestone Landscapes, we provide a range of landscaping services from landscape construction, retaining walls, turfing, irrigation, decking, and paving. To find out more about the excellent services we provide, please contact us today. 

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Our Special Retaining Wall Services

Retaining wall construction is a very important element of landscaping. Retaining wall is specially more important and needed because of the natural landscape of Canberra. Due to the natural landscape of the ACT there is more than usual requirement for retaining wall construction.

Our team members here at Bluestone landscapes have years of experience in construction of different types of retaining walls. Due to the load and the grounds condition, different areas require different types of retaining wall.

During the site visit we will assess the ground conditions, measure the height of the wall required and ask you about the style you would like and then, we make our recommendations.

To book an appointment for a site visit and obtain a free quote, please contact us today.


Retaining wall construction is an important aspect of landscaping. Retaining walls are used on many projects. It is either for improving the aesthetic of a space or built to retain earth or dirt behind the wall.

There are various types of materials that are used to construct retaining walls with. Some are cheaper than others but most are kind of similar in price and construction cost.


Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall-the cheapest of all retaining walls

Timber sleeper retaining walls are the most basic form of a retaining wall and is regularly built in Canberran household. Even though, the installation of timber sleeper retaining wall is easy but still requires proper knowledge, tools and practical experience to construct one professionally.

Some property owners think that timber sleeper retaining wall construction is easy and have an attempt at it themselves. However, most of the time they either don’t have the tools or experience to finish the wall up to a good standard. Hence, the wall either remains unfinished or falls apart a couple of years later.

After having assessed the conditions, professional landscapers can figure out exactly how many posts are required, how deep to dig, depending on the height of the wall and how to secure the sleepers properly.

Our team has years of experience in retaining wall construction and if we get to build your retaining wall, you will feel a peace of mind knowing your retaining wall is built to last.


Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall

Similar to the timber sleeper retaining wall; concrete sleeper walls are constructed to retain earth and dirt. However, concrete sleeper wall is much stronger than a timber sleeper retaining wall. Concrete sleepers are reinforced with two steel bars which will add to the tension strength of the sleeper. The posts to be used with the sleeper must be heavy duty and coated against erosion.


Engineering Recommended Method of Installation

The type of concrete sleeper, and the type of steel posts and their installation play a crucial role in the strength and durability of the retaining wall. Ultimately, that is what holds everything together and retains the dirt behind the sleepers.

The Engineering recommended method for the steel post installation is to use the 50-50 method. That is 50% of the post being embedded in concrete under-ground and 50% above the ground holding in the concrete sleepers. However, in rare cases when the ground underneath is rocky and solid, it is okay to not install the posts as deep as required because it will have the required strength. In that case, the installer must dig the post hole wider and use more concrete around the section of the post being buried under ground.

Though, it must be noted, that if the ground is not solid and the post is not installed deep enough, the wall could fail in 2-5 years. Hence, it must be noted that the landscaper must have in depth knowledge and experience about the installation method of the posts.


There are numerous reasons to choose a concrete sleeper over a timber sleeper, if one can afford it.

-      Strength and durability

-      Style and look

-      Safety

-      Colour matching any existing design or colour around the house


Brick Retaining Wall

Brick walls are also commonly used in Canberran homes as a retaining wall, decoration or as a load bearing wall. Brick retaining wall is mostly used when the client wants to render and paint the wall later.

Price wise, brick retaining wall is more expensive than the timber sleeper wall but similar to the concrete sleeper wall or slightly cheaper.

In terms of strength and durability; a single brick wall is stronger than a timber sleeper but weaker than a concrete sleeper wall but a double brick wall is similar to a concrete sleeper wall.


The advantage of a brick wall:

-      Easy to render and paint

-       Achieve the kind of finish one likes and repaint.

-      brick retaining wall has a better appeal than a concrete sleeper wall

-        Easy to repair a broken section


Besser Block Retaining Wall

Besser block is a good option to be used as a retaining wall. If a Besser block wall is constructed well and reinforced properly and filled with concrete, can last for a long time. Besser block wall is stronger than a timber sleeper wall and a single brick wall because it is much thicker in width and the reinforcement adds greater tensional strength to it.


What is the recommended method of Besser block wall construction?

Whenever, a retaining wall is built out of Besser blocks, it is best to follow the methods below:

-      Pour a thick reinforced concrete footing. Minimum of 100 mm thick.

-      Use steel bars to reinforce the wall horizontally and vertically

-      Fill the blocks with concrete to help them join together and gain strength.


Benefits of building a Besser block retaining wall:

-      Strength and durability

-      Can be rendered and painted

-      Easy to increase the height of the wall later on

-      Easy to repair a section that breaks



Stone retaining walls are becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst Canberrans.

Because of Canberra’s hill-type landscape, Canberran homeowners need to build a lot of retaining walls. With different options available to them, Canberrans love the appearance and appeal of stone retaining walls. However, not everyone has the same budget and taste but those who can afford will choose stone retaining wall to achieve the added benefits of it such as the natural look, style, elegance, colour and texture.

Even though, stone retaining walls look simple and elegant, but its proper construction requires an art like skill. It is definitely not everyone’s bread and butter. Here at bluestone landscapes; we have skilled stonemason who have spent years of their lives to learn the skill and has built great number of stone retaining walls.



Below are various types of stone wall:

-      Weejasper Bluestone

-      Sandstone

-      Irregular shape natural stone


Benefits of Stone Retaining Wall

-      Natural and elegant look

-      Can pick your choice of stone

-      Easy to repair in case of any damage

-      Will look fresh and natural for years


Due to the different method of construction and the different materials used for construction of a new retaining wall, the price varies too. There are two cost factors that will drive the construction cost of a new retaining wall. The first one is the materials with which the wall is built and the second is the construction process that is followed to build the wall.

Therefore, the building cost for every retaining wall is different and the best way to figure out how much it costs to build your new retaining wall is to contact our team and get a free quote.

After engaging us to provide you with a quote, we will do a site visit to assess the area, measure the site and show you different examples of retaining walls. Once we have all the required information then we can provide you with a quote for one type or different types of retaining walls.


How to get my project underway?

The best approach is to give us a call and arrange for a visit to assess the area and get to know about your project. After the site visit, we will then provide you with a timeframe and a fixed quote. Upon acceptance of the quote; we can then book in a time for installation and source the materials.

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