With over a decade of practical experience in Landscaping and civil engineering knowledge, the Bluestone team has the required knowledge, skills, and breadth of experience to create magnificent hardscapes and undertake landscaping projects throughout the ACT region.

At Bluestone Paving and Landscapes we offer a range of services that we specialise in and are equipped to undertake and finish to the highest quality. As a small-medium-sized business, we try to undertake only jobs that we could do ourselves and have full control over the project from start to finish. We undertake jobs such as Paving, Retaining Wall Construction, Turf Installation, Irrigation, Fake Turf Installation, Earth Work and Storm Water Solutions.


Landscaping is such a diverse field that one business can only offer a selection of the jobs that come under the Landscaping Umbrella. Landscaping covers from Fencing to gardening, paving, irrigation, retaining wall construction, etc. Here at Bluestone, we try to focus, and offer only services that we are skilled at and equipped to manage and finish off to the highest quality.

Since design plays such a big role in the success of a landscaping project; we try to work closely and patiently with our clients during the planning phase and the construction phase. Our top priority is to understand the clients' need and then offer design and service that is efficient and durable. Our honest service will ensure that you get a competitive price that will not only make you feel great but make it a good investment into your property.  

Landscaping Services in Canberra

Landscapers in Canberra are increasingly asked to blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, to create a seamless transition that is functional, practical, and sure to impress all that visit. From paths, driveways, retaining walls, entertaining areas, pool coping, to perfectly planned out and manicured gardens, landscaping in Canberra involves a range of different tasks.

The Bluestone team is well equipped to do almost any landscaping job such as site prep, paving, artificial grass installation, retaining wall, concreting, and stormwater services.


With over a decade of practical experience, advanced tools and different types of machinery, the Bluestone Paving team has the required knowledge, skills, and breadth of experience to create magnificent paved areas that will make living easier and more joyful. Whether your project is a luxury residential project or commercial project; the Bluestone team will walk with you every step of the way, from design to completion. 

Bluestone-Paving can take care of old paved areas needing repair or pave an area from scratch. At Bluestone Paving, quality assurance is our main objective but affordability and professionalism is the character of our honest service.  To us, all our clients deserve full dedication, care, and unparalleled service. 

Residential Paving

Working on some of Canberra's most beautiful homes, Bluestone Paving has been bringing that added depth and superior design aesthetic to residential projects. And, we can source various stones and pavers products from around the country. When it comes to planning and design of your project, we walk you through all the phases and help your imaginations guide the ultimate design. 

As a genuine and reliable service provider, Bluestone Paving prides itself on best in class service. Our employees are true craftsmen, taking any project from ordinary to incredible. The marks of their talent, skill, and dedication to customer satisfaction can be found all around Canberra.


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